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The town building permit system is up and will be fully operational 5-9-2018

Builders can obtain permits by following the below link, and signing up on the Cedar Highlands building application website. All processing, plan checking and inspections are done through this site.

http://cedarhighlands.mycityinspector.com/register?registration_id=15989d4f23a6be .

For the Cedar Highlands Subdivision HOA information click www.cedarhighlandshoa.org

Welcome to the Town of Cedar Highlands

The Town of Cedar Highlands

PO Box 3152

Cedar City, UT 84721

From the Mayor: I received a text from Rocky Mountain Power.

They MAY shut off the power to our community Thursday 9/19, during the red flag warning.
A screenshot of the message is in Town Services/Public works.

Last Chance: Found in Cedar Highlands:
iPad in a case. Contact Council Person Beth Gaines at council2@cedarhighlands.org.
Be prepared to identify it and being able to log in to it.

Snow Removal RFQ is posted in Posting/RFQs extention for filing until September 13th

The Lt. Governor’s visit was a huge success! Had a great turnout from all of you.

A financial page and a Policing page have been added. Check the Dropdowns.

There are two planning Commission positions open.
Send a note to Mayor Byler along with some of your qualifications.

County assessments are out, and they are much higher.
Jim Byler has put together an appeal, and has posted it on http://ourcedarhighlands.com for you to use
as a template. That web page has been re-purposed as an aid to Town Land owners.

Mayors letter to the Community is Here.

2020 budget info posted in Budget.

Latest info posted in Proposed Ordinances received 6-27-2019

CFP Volunteer Tracking Document for Fire abatement in Town Info/Fire Info

Some of the signed adopted Action Items are now posted in Ordinances & Resolutions

Please submit your FireWise Submission forms. See Town Info/Fire

Some Town Council meeting videos are now on YouTube: See Communications/Minutes for link.

Town Council Meetings automatically show up at: Communications/Meeting Agenda/Council Agenda when posted on the State site.
The latest minutes will always be at: Communications/Minutes