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Budget Info

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Property Tax is calculated from three factors, the determined Town Budget, the County Tax appraised value of the home and the aggregate of all home tax values within a town's jurisdiction.

The formula is Town Budget / Total Town value = Mill Rate  and  Mill Rate X Home Value = Municipal Property Tax. The Mill Rate can change from year to year without any change in budget. A homes tax can be impacted by four things, the County appraised value of the home, the town budget that is determined, new homes in the area and the County reappraisal of existing homes in the area. One or all of these factors combine to change the taxes of a home.

The example below shows a simplified view of the tax calculations of a small town over three years.

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Download the Budget and Expenditures as of 12-19-2018

Download the Budget and Expenditures as of 1-24-2019

Download the Proposed 2019-2020

Download the Proposed 2019-2020 posted on June 5th

Download the Proposed 2019-2020 Rev 2 posted on June 14th

Download the 2020 State Budget Report posted on July 1st