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Byler’s Water Tank

Hello neighbors.

I recently installed a 1000 gallon water tank on my property. I also added a two inch gas water pump, and a 50 foot fire hose. I put on quick-connect fixtures, so I can have it pumping water in a very short time. With a few minor alterations, the entire system can be utilized to pump water thru a large number of sprinklers.

I purchased the tank locally at Southwest Plumbing for about $900. They are also available thru Peterson’s or Home Depot. 2500 gallon tanks are available. The water pump and hoses are at Harbor Freight, IFA, or Cal Stores.

I would be happy to show my setup to anyone interested. I realize this may not be for everyone, but I also believe the likelihood of anyone else arriving to save your house is slim. Depending on when and where a fire starts, it may even save your life.

As we continue to work towards becoming a FireSafe community, I strongly believe the more we do to be prepared, the safer our community will become.


Jim Byler