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Mayor’s Letters

To my fellow Cedar Highlands residents,

As the new Mayor of our community, I think it is important that I

communicate my thoughts and plans. I hope to correct any

misconceptions, and begin to develop positive and open lines of

communication with all members of the community. I’ll address each

issue separately. I realize this letter is a little long, but I think it is also

critical moving forward.


I did not ask to become Mayor, just to be a caretaker until the town is

dissolved. I have stated publicly that the town needs to be run in a

competent and transparent manner if it is to be fairly judged, and

have any chance to succeed. I have no doubt that, based on the past

year’s performance, the town was headed towards dissolution at the

earliest possible time. There are too many residents, who were once

town supporters, who have become dissatisfied and disillusioned.

My job is to change that perception. The change in leadership gives

the town a chance to start over. I plan to work tirelessly with the Town

Council, and run our town business in an honest, professional and

transparent manner. My goal is to provide the highest level of service

to our community members, while being fiscally responsible.

Many residents believe that the town is the best option to improve our

community. Others believe that, without a commercial tax base, we

don’t have the financial resources to be successful. Both sides make

valid points, and ultimately it may come down to a vote of the fulltime

residents. In a democracy, we have to live with the results.

Town Finances

The town finances, your tax dollars, have not been managed in a

competent or transparent manner. The transgressions are numerous,

but I will highlight just a few.

The Utah State Auditor’s Office conducted an investigation, and

determined the town had “statutory noncompliance, weak internal

control, and diversion from best practices.” Numerous violations of

Utah law were cited.

In February, the town received a letter from the Utah State Treasurer

that our PTIF Fund (our tax dollars held by the State) would be frozen

due to non-compliance with financial reporting requirements. We had

60 days to comply. We failed, and our account was frozen on April 5th.

It was unfrozen on May 1st, after the accounting firm Pelorus filed the

necessary financial statements. Neither the town council nor

community was ever informed of this information.

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